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Chance Camp Rugby Out of Season Regulations

Cockermouth Rugby Union Football Club

Rugby Camp - 14th, 15th and 16th Aug

During our Camp there will be lots of game-based learning throughout the three days in which participants will partake in non-contact learning and using different skills relating to different sports in a safe and secure environment.

Each Group will be age specific and will be competing against players of similar ability in fun and challenging games to test the participants potential and learning new ideas and skills to improve in all sports activities.

There will be rugby specific games and activities throughout the week, however due to rugby regulations there are only specific amounts of time per age group and NON CONTACT rugby activities will be provided.

This is the perfect chance to practice all fundamentals of sports including rugby.

We will be practicing our Agility, Balance and Coordination throughout the week and we aim to improve every child in at least one of these Fundamentals areas. FUN games and challenging scenarios will improve their sporting potential and set them on their way to becoming sport stars of the future.

Jordan Carrigan from Sportstrek coaching teams up with Chance Camp for Football Camp

During our 3 day Football Camp we will be working on all key football and motor skills including dribbling, shooting, passing, attacking/defending as well as goalkeeping. Our structured sessions will be mixed in with lots of fun, games and competitions, including finishing with our very own World Cup on the final day!

We look forward to seeing you there.


Sample Week at Chance Camp