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Week 22 - 26 March 2018
Chris Wright

"Health Campaign is now up and running to aid children" Times and Star, March 23rd

It is so sad to hear that across Cumbria childhood obesity stats are amongst the worst in England. Although on the back of this it was good to read the paper was keen to focus on and promote the positive work that is being done to encourage fitness and health. Ultimately the task is to go back to our roots:


Within our programmes at Wright Sport Services and Chance Camp all our programmes are designed to inspire and motivate children that physical activity is vital and enjoyable. We will all find an activity that engages us but, like anything, we must be prepared to trial all opportunities to find the activity for us. At Chance Camp this Easter we will see children trying tennis and rugby for the first time as well as children who already play a lot of these sports, the key is to challenge them within their limits, reward and agree improvement goals for the future to ensure they want to keep participating.

We have great days at Chance Camp with some children active for up to 5 hours, no use of electronic devices, lots of social interaction, use of stretching and promotion of hydration through water. We can see children develop within hours of participating in our programme, coming out of their shells and enjoying the joy of sport.

Let's hope this generation reverse the trend and we get back to our roots, enjoying the great outdoors for all it provides.

Rob Jefferson

This week's tennis lessons saw the children developing their serving technique. We looked at developing both underarm and overarm serves with the overall aim to be to serve the ball into the tennis court. This then led into mini tennis matches which gave the children the chance to test the skills learned.

Reflective Practice can be defined as "a procedure which allows experience to be converted into learning" (Knowles, Gilbourne, Cropely and Dugdill, 2014).

This half term we've been promoting reflective practice amongst the children that we teach. This is to get children to analyse their own sporting performance. As this week was the last week of coaching for me in some schools, children received a Chance Camp card. On the card, the children were asked to write down what their strengths were when playing tennis as well as their weaknesses. This gives the children an idea as to what areas they need to work on if they want to progress and improve.

During the Easter break we are running a tennis/rugby skills camp at Cockermouth RUFC. The perfect environment to progress and improve.

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