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Coaches' Weekly Blog
Week 27 - 8 July 2018
Chris Wright

We are now into our seventh summer holiday of delivering high quality sports coaching opportunities and this year we have teamed up with more coaching providers to extend our offer. Using two excellent local sporting facilities, lots of fantastic local coaches and our years of experience, at Chance Camp we are looking forward to what is going to be an active, action packed and fun sporting holiday. We have managed to retain the sibling 50% discount when full camps are booked and we hope this helps families out and makes the opportunities more accessible.

We hope our Chance Campers enjoy the rest of their school term and we look forward to seeing many children running around the great outdoors, building and making new friendships, working up a good appetite and hopefully uncovering the next generation of Cumbrian sporting superstars.

Amy Lawless

Why should children attend Chance Camp?

Research by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills believes that holiday camps play a huge role in developing the key life skills children now need living in the 21st Century, including communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem solving. Chance Camp provides children with the opportunity to develop all of these key skills through sport and physical activity.

At Chance Camp children are able to unplug themselves from technology and spend time actively playing and working with other children, interacting face to face and meeting new people whilst making new friends. Chance Camp promote the use of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout its camps, encouraging children to work together to complete challenges and take on leadership roles, developing communication skills and building strong social relationships. We provide children with the opportunity to experience something new and when a child succeeds they develop a greater sense of self-efficacy.

Children are provided with time for unstructured play allowing children to reach key emotional, cognitive and social development milestones. Children are taught to be responsible for themselves and others, inspiring independence, self-esteem and confidence away from close family or friends creating an environment where a child can be who they want to be.

Rob Jefferson

Why do you think kids should use Chance Camp in the summer holidays?

When I was growing up, I'd spend my summer holidays outside playing with friends, going on bike rides and making dens. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to go to a sports camp however going to somewhere like Chance Camp would have been something that I would have loved to do.

The NHS state that children between the ages of 5-18 years should be taking part in at least 60 minutes of exercise every day that improves muscle and bone strength and aerobic fitness. With children spending most of their weekly day in school classrooms and with the advances with technology and computer games, Chance Camp gives children the perfect opportunity to get active and get healthy!

Chance Camp also gives children the opportunity to develop their social skills and meet new people. It can always be daunting for any child to try something new and not know anyone. However, from my experience, by the end of the first day everyone has usually got to know each other and made lots of new friends.

A final reason why children should come to Chance Camp is that it gives children the opportunity to develop their sporting talents. During the summer camps we will be developing a variety of different skills and sports and it may give children the opportunity to take part in an activity that they've never encountered before. Coming to Chance Camp can help children to discover talents and interests they didn't know they had.

Ross McGuire

Why Should you send your children to Chance Camp?

From our experiences at Chance Camp, we have seen children thrive in their sporting achievements and become more resilient in everything they try during camp. We give them the opportunity to work with children they may not have met before, wouldn't normally work with or even help others when another child is struggling. We give them the opportunity to lead a scenario and communicate with a group in order to gain a sense of achievement and leadership that they may not usual get during school. From this the children gain more confidence in what they are doing and are able to have more chances to participate and influence in sporting activities. We have a range of sporting challenges on offer with professional coaches guiding them forwards to improve and succeed during our competitions.

We have seen so many friendships develop throughout the years during Chance Camp which is great to see, especially when the children are then focused on becoming better and challenging themselves further throughout with the challenge of beating their friends. We have seen children take up new sports at clubs due to trying them at Chance Camp and enjoying the physical challenge.

We live in a world now where technology is an easy way to keep your child entertained throughout the day whilst you get on with your daily chores. Are you not bored of them spending days sat in front of that TV screen?
If you would rather see your child achieve something they can be proud of and be successful in, send them to Chance Camp! We guarantee a great standard of Fun and Learning with the chance to compete and gain new skills that they may never have tried before!

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