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Coaches' Weekly Blog
Week 13 - 14 January 2018
Chris Wright

On behalf of Wright Sport Services and Chance Camp I would like to wish you all a healthy 2018.

We have got off to a fantastic start and I am really looking forward to 2018. To ensure we can improve the quality of our programmes further our staff are now managing certain programmes as follows:

Chris - Overview of whole business with specific focus on the Allerdale Multi Skill Academy and a new facility.

Rob - Chance Camp holiday programme and promotion activities

Ross - In partnership with Fairfield Primary School establishing family activity sessions and a new Chance Camp Key Stage 1 programme for the holiday periods on their school site. He also now manages our birthday party programme.

Amy - Promoting and delivering a new Youth Sport Trust Programme, Healthy Movers, aimed at our youngest pupils to help ensure a positive start to physical activity. Amy has then designed a fundamental skills programme to follow this on to help build their ability to compete in Key Stage 2 Sports.

Personally I was delighted that one of our Schools, Seaton St Paul's C of E Junior School have managed to be crowned Allerdale Sports Hall Athletics champions and qualified for the Cumbria Finals for the fifth time in six years. In 2011 the school empowered me to set their whole school PE plan, based on my skills and sport development knowledge and I am delighted with this success.

As always we want to support Allerdale and West Cumbria to be a healthy and successful place to live and work and look forward to hearing from any schools, organisations or families we can support.

Amy Lawless

Over the past two Fridays I have been working with Seaton Academy to deliver the Youth Sport Trust's new Healthy Movers scheme. The scheme uses fun physical activities to help develop the whole child during their early year's experiences of physical literacy.

Physical literacy can be defined as "The motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to maintain physical activity throughout the life course" (Whitehead, 2011)

Using imagination games such as moving like jungle animals and pretending to be a train on a long journey has helped the children to begin developing their body control, coordination, agility, balance, creativity and social skills. We have also looked at how we can use different parts of our bodies in isolation. This week we worked on using only our feet to move various balls around the playground. Children could roll, kick, push and stop their ball as well as switch their ball with another child. They tried using footballs of varying sizes, rugby balls, tennis balls and sponge balls to see which ball they found easiest to move and why they thought this might be, highlighting that the rugby balls were the most difficult as they weren't as round as the other balls.

By teaching children physical activity through fun and interactive games like these during their early stages of development increases the likelihood of growing up healthy and strong, strengthening cognitive abilities and developing their understanding of how their bodies can move, all contributing to a higher level of physical literacy as they advance.


Rob Jefferson

This week was my first full week back and it's great to be back teaching again. This half term I'm delivering a variety of different activities to a wide range of ages.

I started my new block of Allerdale schools delivering tennis lessons as part of the School Sport Partnership. This week we looked at developing a forehand shot, improving technique and control you the children are able to consistently hit the ball over a net.

In Dean Primary, Key Stage 2 had their first Quick Sticks Hockey lesson. Again we were developing control of the ball when dribbling, passing and receiving of a ball.

Finally at Silloth Primary with Year 5 and 6 we had our first dance lesson. This week was an introduction. Working in partners, using a task sheet the children chose a series of different moves, put them in an order and performed them to music. In the weeks to come, team colours will create their own dance routines and in the final week they will compete against each other in the dance off "Silloth Come Dancing".

Dance is probably the one subject I have the least experience in delivering. However I really enjoyed our first lesson and can't wait for the rest of the half term. Dance can be defined as a series of different steps or movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. The benefits from taking part are:




improve spatial awareness

allows self expression and communication through the body

improves creativity, problem solving, risk taking and making judgements as an individual or when in a team.

Well done to both classes for a great first lesson.

Ross McGuire

Great start to 2018. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Fantastic to start back this week with brilliant news to how my coaching has affected a class at Victoria Junior School. After 7 weeks of tough coaching, in the cold when needed, or in the indoor sessions I managed to get a 20% rise in their fitness levels during this period. We were practising indoor athletics events each week with an added fitness 5 minutes. Each session being only 1 hour long and for 7 weeks, this doesn't sound like much but this shows what a difference it can make to children whilst learning in the vital stages of life. This has been evidenced by an external company who the school are using to monitor fitness levels, motivate the children and impressively setting them online fitness support at home.

I also came across a video that I felt was really important for all parents to understand and learn from. Here is the link from BT Sport: https://www.facebook.com/btsport/videos/1826839987389195/

The video talks about a documentary called 'No Hunger In Paradise'. This is all about how the English football system is letting the youth of today down by signing children as young as 3 to play football for a professional team and parents pushing them down the football route without focusing on school and other aspects of life as a child. Watch the video and see if you agree or disagree.

I will follow this up in next week's blog to talk about 'No Hunger In Paradise'. If you get chance, WATCH IT!!

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